4 Ways Our Detailing Services Save You Time

We figured it’s time that auto detailing is a more customer-friendly experience. For years getting your car detailed has been a series of unnecessary back and forth messages between detailer and customer about services, pricing, scheduling, etc. We decided to provide convenient and professional detailing services that saved our clients as much time as possible. No excessive communication or sitting at a car wash facility are necessary with our services. From the time of booking to your car being fully detailed, we want you to experience convenience and professionalism. Here are four ways that Steam Pro’s detailing services save you time:

1. Online Booking Process

Gone are the days of playing phone tag, text tag, email tag, or any other kind of tag just to get your car cleaned. Our entire booking process is integrated into our secure, mobile-friendly website. Check our availability and schedule for a day and time that works best for you. You control when and where your car gets cleaned.

2. Pre-Packaged Services

Most detailers provide SO many services. It can be overwhelming getting to a website with 50+ add-ons and options to choose from. We have structured our packages differently. Select from Combo, Exterior, or Interior Packages. View pricing and details about services all on one page. We want to provide convenience in every step of our process so you don’t have to waste 45 minutes selecting each piece of your car detail.

3. Convenient & Secure Payment Options  

We provide a convenient pre-pay option for your service, so when the car is finished, everything is finished. Our online booking system allows you to pay and tip your detailer at the time of booking. Of course, you can always choose to pay your detailer via credit card or cash at the end of the service. Whichever option you prefer, works for us.

4. We Come to You Fully Equipped

Why would you ever sit at a car wash facility for an hour, 2 hours, or 3 hours(!!!) waiting for your car to be finished? Our mobile services allow you to go about your day at home or at work while we take care of your vehicle. All we need is a spot next to your car and we will take it from there. No hookups needed for power or water - we’ve got it all.

If you lead a busy life hopping from one thing to the next and want a convenient but high quality option to get your car detailed, look no further. The world is going toward mobility and convenience; detailing just needs to catch up.

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