The Best Interior Detail to Clean Up Your Car for Summer

Summer trips can be harsh on your car! Are you using your car for any vacations in the coming months? If so, steam cleaning is the perfect way to rejuvenate your car.

Family road trips end with everyone’s trash left in the car and someone spilled something in between the seats. Steam cleans in hard to reach areas while sanitizing the surfaces and eliminating most odors.

Beach days always lead to half the beach coming home with you and everything smells like wet, salt-crusted towels. Ew. Our professional equipment and products, in combination with steam will suck up all of the sand, eliminate the smell, and rejuvenate your entire interior.

Post camping trip every inch of your vehicle smells like bonfire, BO, and who knows what else. Interior steam cleaning is the perfect way to rid your car of those potent smells and clean up all of the camp dirt.

Whatever your summer extravaganza may look like, none of these smells should stay in your car for long. Yes, you can vacuum out your car, but what does that do for the smell? Spraying a scented mist or using basic cleaning products likely won’t fully mitigate all issues. The answer is INTERIOR STEAM CLEAN!

There are many everyday household tasks where we use steam to help clean and sanitize our belongings - dishwasher, dry cleaning, house carpets. It’s not common that people think of getting their car steam cleaned. Our mobile car detailing services in San Diego, CA offers steam detailing delivered to your doorstep. Our interior packages can include:

- Thorough vacuuming of interior

- Shampooing of carpets and upholstery

- Deep cleaning of leather (seats, etc.)

- Interior steam cleaned (seats, carpet, cupholders, floor mats)

- Leather, vinyl, plastic, and rubber surfaces wiped down with UV Protectant

- Windows cleaned

Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to sanitize, so this process will also eliminate germs. We have found that some clients prefer to get their car cleaned before they go on vacation to prep the car for family and friends to sit comfortably on freshly steamed seats. With easy online booking integrated into our website, clients are easily able to plan ahead to schedule before or after a trip.


Another amazing capability that steam has is getting into hard to reach areas. It’s uncomfortable to shove your hand in between seats to wipe up a spill or pick out the french fry that has been stuck in that same spot forever. Steam is able to blast out these difficult situations so you never have to worry about them.

Whatever kind of vacations or fun adventures you are going on this summer, be sure to take care of your car! Waiting will only make the smells and stains worse. If San Diego is the place you call home, click here to browse all of our detailing packages, check our availability and schedule an interior steam cleaning.

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