Car Maintenance Calendar: How to keep your car fresh 365 days a year

Car Maintenance Calendar.jpg

Whether your car is fresh off the lot or a road warrior it is important to have a yearly cleaning routine to ensure that your car stays fresh year-round. We recommend for car owners to follow the car maintenance calendar that we have laid out.

Each year, after the harshest weather conditions have passed, it is time to prep your car for the weather change - light spring showers and summer sun. We recommend that you get your car a full interior and exterior detail (see Steam Pro Detail package)  that includes: steam cleaning of carpets, seats and consoles, exterior wash, clay bar, full polish and a sealant to protect the paint/exterior. The sealant protects all of the work that was put into the clay bar and polish. We recommend our gloss enhancing sealant which we apply by buffer. The gloss sealant will last 6-12 months.

Now that your car is fully prepped, a basic monthly cleaning of the interior and exterior (see Mini Detail package)  is recommended to keep your car fresh throughout the year.

The products that we use are designed to work together and enhance the level of cleanliness when you follow this annual regimen.  

By following this car maintenance calendar, your car will stay protected and clean.

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