Why your car needs a sealant & how it protects the paint

It is inevitable that our car’s condition will be affected by the surrounding environment. However, applying a sealant to protect the paint 1-2 times per year can extend the overall quality of your exterior. It’s an inexpensive option to get a higher return on investment if you are going to sell you car in the future; or if this if your lifer car, the sealant will add a few more years to the car’s exterior.

How does a sealant help protect my paint?

There are numerous unavoidable elements that can have a negative effect on your paint. We have broken them down into a few categories to better explain.

Insects & bird droppings are inescapable whether you’re a long distance commuter or around the town driver. If you have bug guts and bird doo doo anywhere on your car, the high acidity of these elements is baking and burning into the paint. The longer you leave it there, the more permanent the etch spot in the paint will be. This is where having a sealant is a complete paint saver.

The nano particles of the sealant create a barrier between the paint and all elements that hit your vehicle.

Water spots are another paint deteriorator. Although you can avoid sprinklers, mother nature will get to your car eventually. Whether it’s morning dew or a torrential downpour, having a sealant on your car will make the paint hydrophobic. The water will noticeably “bead” on your car and slide off the moment the wind hits it.

Sun oxidation happens every time your car is exposed to the sun. The sealant will block the UV rays helping prevent over exposure and breakdown of the car’s clear coat.

Miscellaneous elements - brake dust, pollen and dirt will always be in the air, therefore, on your car. The barrier that the sealant creates will stop these elements from harming your paint and actually make your car easier to wash in the future.

What is the best way to protect my paint that won’t break my bank?

Before applying any sealant to your car, it must be thoroughly detailed to get rid of all the elements mentioned above. After a full detail, we apply the gloss sealant that protects your paint for 6-12 months, depending on how often and where you drive.

Our exterior gloss sealant ($100) is an add-on service that can be applied to any Mini Detail ($75) or Exterior Steam Wash ($40) service. Click here to view all of our packages and pricing.